This course contains all of the video replays from the Blogging for Therapist's online Masterclass which took place in January 2019.

Week 1 - Blogging basics

•Technology – what you need

•The difference between Vlogs and Blogs

•SEO and how to maximise it’s impact

•How to choose topics and titles

Week 2 - Structure and content

•How long should your blog be?

•Creating content headings which keep your readers reading

•How to give enough expertise but not too much

•The ASA and tricky subject matter

Week 3 - Branding and images

•Where to find free images

•How to get the right sizes for all social media

•How to create branded templates, saving you time

•How and when to use branded colours to give you a professional look for free.

Week 4 - Calls to action and monetisation

•Different types of calls to action and when to use them.

•Affiliate schemes and how to use them authentically to make you more money.

Week 5 - Distribution options

•What to do when your blog is published.

•Blogging distribution options

•When and how to reuse content

•Advertising options and when to use them.

About the instructor

Founder and CEO of Refreshed Minds

Zoe Thompson

Hello, I'm Zoe Thompson, Founder of Refreshed Minds.I have a passion for understanding and helping people succeed and use a wide range of techniques to inspire, motivate and show people how they can feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones in both their business and thier life.I'm a trained therapist and qualified CIPD trainer with experience of the full training cycle, learning styles and learning.My approach is practical, realistic and has already made a big difference to hundreds of people's lives as I focus on helping them use their greatest resource.....their minds!I look forward to helping you too!!