Build It Brilliant Bootcamp

Creating Online Solutions That Wow

Teaching you how to leave behind the exhausting grind of your business and build a dynamic sustainable business approach that wows your customers.

You started your coaching, consulting or therapy work to make a real difference. The trouble is, you don’t have time to attract new clients, let alone nurture them! You’re exhausted, burnt out and frustrated because there’s only so much of you to go around.

This course will show you how you too can create online products, courses and content that support your business.

Just Imagine

  • having the flexibility to be with your loved ones when they need you
  • going on holiday and still getting paid
  • earning your basic monthly income while you sleep
  • having systems that make your life easier (no more repeating yourself)
  • being able to impact hundreds of people and make a bigger difference in the world.

How Will 'Build It Brilliant' Change My Business?

You will build a strategy that works for you, that allows you the flexibility you want whilst harnessing the expertise and skills you’re already got.

You will be able to reach out and make a bigger contribution to your clients and to those who would benefit from your services.

You will find that your thoughts and ideas are important and learn how you can harness them into amazing products, courses and content.

Supporting you to thrive, not just survive.

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1 - What's Your Niche?
Lesson 2 - Design Your Framework
Lesson 3 - Consider the Options
Lesson 5 - What Will You Charge?
Lesson 6 - How To Sell
Lesson 7 - Attracting Clients

What's included?

7 Videos
Zoe Thompson
Zoe Thompson
Founder and CEO of Refreshed Minds

About the instructor

Hello, I'm Zoe Thompson, Founder of Refreshed Minds.

I have a passion for understanding and helping people succeed and use a wide range of techniques to inspire, motivate and show people how they can feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones in both their business and thier life.

I'm a trained therapist and qualified CIPD trainer with experience of the full training cycle, learning styles and learning.

My approach is practical, realistic and has already made a big difference to hundreds of people's lives as I focus on helping them use their greatest resource.....their minds!

I look forward to helping you too!!

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